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“I'm talking to this guy who lives in a different country and I'm starting to like him a bit but he takes forever sometimes to text me back! I'm not the obsessive texter but taking hours too reply is too much! He's way older than me too which I love! But I'm scared of getting attached to him since he lives really far away:( What do you think?”

Well honestly, you’re probably getting attached Forsure. But that’s what talking to somebody is about. Texting, I try my hardest to not be the obsessive texter and worry about no replies, but it’s really hard to do. I’m still working on that. Lol, but it’s probably much harder to text and text in time from a different country.

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“My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two and a half years and we don't text all that often. We usually say good morning and snapchat a few times throughout the day, and then call to catch up right before bed. We've found that too much texting can get exhausting, and we are confident in the fact that we're always thinking about each other anyways. Plus it makes the few texts and calls that much more meaningful!”

This was a really great response actually. I really do think texting is probably more difficult. And i think it’s great you guys both know that you’re thinking of each other. :)

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