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simplygossipgirlHello there. Welcome to the Upper East Side. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and love your view of some of the best Gossip Girl photos out there. Got any questions about the show, or just feel like talking about it, come to my ask box, i'm always here to reply to you. I love a good Gossip Girl conversation. If you like what you see, feel free to stay awhile, if you don't, that's okay! You can decide to leave my page or not, that's all on you. And no, i'm not asking you to follow me. I gain followers by pictures, and not by asking for them. One request, do not come into my ask box and simply say "follow me". Anybody who asks politely, i will look at your blog and i will always folllow you! If you want a promotion bad enough, just come to my ask box and ask, i don't bite! I may have a lot of followers, but i wouldn't mind helping other people out as well. Just don't flood me with messages! On that note though, i do have quite a few followers, and can help getting notes on any gossip girl picture. If you want your picture to get more notes, ask me to reblog and i will, anytime! I will be courteous to anybody on here! So enjoy your time on the upper east side! XOXO

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You know you love me.

“Is it true that Taylor lost her virginity with 13? & with 14 she took drugs! I found the informations in the internet. PS: I love your blog & Taylor. ❤️ Sorry for my bad englisch, but I'm from Germany. DON'T ANSWER MY QUESTION WITH MY PHOTO, THANKS! 😘 - I wrote it again 'cause I wanna stay anonym. ❤️”

And you will stay anon! Lol,I am not sure, maybe it is true? But thank you :)

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I’m so sorry for lack of posts and lack of questions being asnwered. I currently have 116 questions! Yikes! I just started college on monday, and i’ve literally been swamped with homework & so tired already! I’ll be on better this weekend hopefully
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“why is jenny not with nate together, it would be so perfectly.”

I actually could see that

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“I've just finished gossip girl and I don't know what to do now! I swear I'm having withdrawal symptoms already! Help :)”



Or… look up some gossip girl fanfiction. Its reading, but, you get to read countless stories, that are like brand new episodes. Probably for every couple you ship.

“When the show was on I only watched until season 4 bc I moved to another country and a lot happend and I just didn't watch it again, so a few weeks ago I started to watch it again and start over from the very begining since I'm moving to nyc in a few months and just fell back in love and I'm obsessed with it and I'm at 4x4 now but I just accidentally saw a HUGE spoiler and find out who gg is and a lot of other stuff and now I just don't know what to do like it kinda ruined everything :( help”

Awh! Mannnn! That sucks, really! i’m sorry about that. This is why i will still never actually post who gossip girl is on here, i never want to ruin it for people.

Well, you’ve seen it. You know, it’s done. You cannot change that. BUT you can do a few things to help yourself.. While you’re watching, picture it in the eyes of somebody who doesn’t know it & try to picture what they would be thinking or feeling. OR, just think about it. You get to watch it in a different perspective than other people do. You get to see it all happen, and see how well “gossip girl” keeps the secret. It’s like you’re in on the secret with gossip girl. You can watch all of the tiny details that really do go on in the show! And just remember, you were going to find out eventually.. it just happened sooner than you hoped.

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Happy Birthday Blake Lively!

Happy Birthday Blake Lively!

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