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“haha adding on to the tattoo quesiton, I was going to say the same thing about the producers saying it’s cuz Ed has a lot of tattoos and since Chuck obviously wouldn’t be the type to have tattoos, they’d have to cover them all up but it’d be really difficult. Also, they said that Ed has a lot of chest hair and even when they made him wear shorts in the beginning of season 2, it was a lot of work to get rid of his leg hair lol so I guess it’d be too hard to get rid of his chest hair too :)”

hahaha his leg hair. I just find it funny.

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“Hi, I'm in love with my best friend and he's in love with me too but the thing is he ask me like 2 weeks ago that he needed time for himself and haven't talk to me since. He said we'll fix things today but he went with his friends in break time instead so we didn't talk. Everyone tells me to get over him but I can't and do not want to because I love him no matter what and I couldn't stand the idea of him with someone else. I don't know what to do.”

You guys seriously need to discuss this with eachother. I learned the hard way that honest communication is needed.. i mean it might not turn out how you want it, but it’s better to know. I would ask him if he likes you & wants to be with you. Even though it could suck in the end, it’s better to know instead of thinking and stressing yourself out, trust me i know how you’re feeling..

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“ok what do I do if I want a guy to take me to homecoming and I don't even know if he likes me.. he's new to school this year but he's from the area. he said he was going back to his former schools football games and stuff so he might not even go but I want him to take me and my friend has him and I as her otp and he sits with me at lunch and we have a lot on common but he's bad at texting so like we barley talk unless I text him first. it's aggravating! i dont know what to do! help!”

Oh i feel you.. i always knew the guy that i wanted to go with, it just never happened.. Soooo, make it really obvious! Show him that you like him, start testing some boundaries, like text him nice things, or touch his arm when you talk to him.. act really excited when he’s around, hint around a lot. Then ask him if he’s going, and tell him that he should go, and it would be really fun! Even if youre not asking him specifically for your date, tell him to go in a group with you guys, and that’ll definitely hint around forsure! & if he does go, thats a great chance for you guys to slow dance! I had a “friend” slow dance with me once.. months later we dated. lol

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“I have a friend that I've liked for two years now. He's really nice to me for the most part but he wants us to have a friends with benefits type relationship. I don't want him to stop talking to me if I say no but I would rather just have us have a real relationship but I don't think he likes me like that at all.....”

if he really liked you.. you wouldn’t be “friends with benefits”. and if you tell him you want a real relationship and he doesnt but wants to keep doing things with you, then he is gross. Get out of there, cause he’s just using you then, and you don’t deserve that.. it will hurt you more, and he is being rude. i hate that term, just like your “side chick” and your “main chick”. You’re worth way more than that. and there are other guys out there who will be proud to have a real relationship with you! xoxo

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“Hey, this is to one of your previous ask, Chuck Bass has never did a shirtless scene because Ed Westwick who plays Chuck has numerous tattoos, as he is an English rock singer primarily, so tattoos would conflict with the image of 'Chuck Bass', the classiness, sophistication, etc. Hope it answers the question and you don't mind my input. Great blog! :)”

hahaha and i wouldnt have minded seeing that either. and of course i don’t mind! lol thank you

“to the anon who asked about chuck shirtless, i know that in earlier seasons, it's because ed has a lot of chest hair which would make him look even less like a teenager...”

i wouldn’t have minded. lol

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“what does OTP stand for?”

your “one true pairing”.. basically the couple that you want to end up together

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“Why was there never a scene of chuck shirtless!?”

Great question.

“am I the only one who empathized with/liked/felt for Ivy? toward the end not so much like when she was obsessed with William but before that... I donno, I liked her.”

No, no.. I had those times where when she wasn’t pissing me off, that I felt bad for her, cause she was so out of place… Especially when lily comes in and try’s to throw her out and cut her off completely.. And that’s the only reason Rufus got close to her, to at least help her.

“I met a guy through a mutual friend almost two years ago and hes been obsessed with me ever since. We just started texting again a couple months ago, but we dont go to the same school so we never really see eachother. But, when i do see him hes really shy and doesnt talk to me very much. He is a really nice guy and i am starting to like him. What should i do?”

It’s always hard getting somebody to talk to you in person when you guys text! So I would say hang out with him in person more.. But while you guys aren’t together in person, I highly suggest calling him on the phone and talking.. And if he is liking you too.. He should want to talk to you & it will help him break out of his shell. Learn from my mistake.. I wish I spoke to my ex on the phone in the beginning.. Just to help the awkwardness in person!

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