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You know you love me.

If I don’t want to think about you. I sure don’t want a song stuck in my head that reminds me of you. :|
“people think im mean because i dont let anyone like talk down on me. i want to become more nice how do i change peoples views?”

not letting people talk down on you doesn’t make you a rude person, it shows that you’re not messing around… as for other people thinking you’re nicer..  i guess just don’t be as serious when somebody is not trying to talk down on you. if somebody else is just being friendly, then be nice back. save the “don’t talk down on me moments” for when somebody is actually trying to be rude.

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Ed Westwick’s ice bucket challenge anyone? ;)

“Im currently on my 4th time watching all 6 seasons of gossip girl. I cant get enough haha”

Yep. It’s time to invest in some trophys. Lol

“How do I stand out amongst all the commoners in school? Most well known girls in my school are soooo slutty so I really do not want to hang with them... But I do want to have minions just like them.. Please tell me how? Xx Melissa”

honestly, so many girls try to fit in with that whole group you’re talking about that by just not being like them.. you already do stand out. But i guess, just look however you feel is your best and wear what actually makes you feel happy inside. When you’re feeling positive, looking your best, and showing that you don’t need to be apart of those girls, thats when you & your friends, or new friends, will make your own group! you can show everybody and those girls that, you don’t need to look slutty and you don’t need their approval. be your own individual person, again with confidence, and a special strut to your step shows everybody that you’re not blending in and you’re not trying to be like the rest of them.

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