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You know you love me.

“Hiii I was wondering if u know where U can get the "I'm chuck bass" tshirts u posting a pic of a girl wearing one and I'm just wondering if u knew if u could tell me please:)))) thanks:)) great blog btw!! I love it!!”

I cannot find exact shirts, but i do try and look around for you guys.. and thank you so much!




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“But there should have been a nude chuck scene. I mean, you can cover up the tattoos! Don't you think so?”

Yes, they could have.. but i do agree.. there should have a nude chuck scene. ;) hahaha

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“Nate or Chuck?”

“thank god for your Nate post. he's my fav character”

okay :)

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“Could you post some pictures of penn badgley as he got a little older (like stubble and hipster fashion sense) ? :D”

i’ll work on that too!

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“You should get some Lola Rhodes on here, she's massively under appreciated on tumblr tbh”

working on it, when i post some pictures.

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“Hello there! I love your blog and I love Gossip Girl. I sadly caught on to the season late, and I didnt start watching it until after it ended, but better late than never right? I'm a little lost though. Dan, Serena and Vanessa were friends in the first 3 seasons so my question is, where did it go wrong for Vanessa and Serena? Same Thing with Jenny? What made them want to take Serena down and cause them to dislike her in season 4?”

At least you’re watching! Honestly, i think there is just so much competition, and with Gossip Girl, comes sometimes way too much scheming.

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“What do you think of the Gossip Girl next generation books?”

i read halfway through the series, i liked what i read.. it’s a lot of books. BUT it is so extremely different, so it’s hardly gossip girl the show.

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“there was never a shirtless chuck scene because of the tattoo on his chest :)”

thank you!

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