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You know you love me.

So the first ever episode of Gossip Girl aired exactly 7 years ago as of today.. Let that sink in.

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“Did you ever ship Rufly? 😋”

ohmygod! so much! they were my favorite for so long, ugh they’re just the cutest. that’s why i love your blog :)

“I cannot stand Jenny!! In the first season she was so cute and innocent and then she just went way to far with the Serena stuff. Not cool”

Ummmm yeah. the serena stuff literally went so far past extreme, i still cannot get over what they all did. To the point where she was in the health facility and nobody believed her and she couldn’t remember anything. that was sick.

“Did you ship Nate and Serena? What was your stance on Dan and Blair's short fling? I liked their bond honestly.”

I did like Nate and Serena, but i can never shake the Dan and Serena in season 1. Like, their season 1 relationship was like ideal! 

I did also love Dan and Blair’s bond together. I didn’t like them romantically together, BUT i think it was so good for both of them. Like, Blair actually went outside of her box and outside of the superficial stuff, and dated a Humphrey. I think that’s awesome. They were so cute, watching Movies together over the phone or whatever, but really i think they’re so good as friends. Like they could be perfect friends.

“Did you ship Nate and jenny?”

Yes, actually in like the very beginning, i think it was cute.

“Every time Chuck breaks Blairs heart mine is breaking too I don't understand why the can't be happy together I think both deserve a simple happy end It makes me sooo sad :-/”

I know. It hurts to see that, because they are so good together, and they know it. They’re both very stubborn. 

“Omg I just watched the part in which dan has an affair with miss carr and I feel terrible please tell me that everithing will end well”

Does everything end well? Well, that’s one secret i’ll never tell. xoxo

I’m kidding, but ending well, i guess that depends on what you think is good or bad lol

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“I just watched the entire collection of gossip girl for the second time... And I'm obsessed with blair and chuck even though they're fictional characters. I have a real problem.”

No, no, not a problem. I think of it more as a disease I don’t want to be cured.

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09.19.142 NOTES Reblog
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