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simplygossipgirlHello there. Welcome to the Upper East Side. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and love your view of some of the best Gossip Girl photos out there. Got any questions about the show, or just feel like talking about it, come to my ask box, i'm always here to reply to you. I love a good Gossip Girl conversation. If you like what you see, feel free to stay awhile, if you don't, that's okay! You can decide to leave my page or not, that's all on you. And no, i'm not asking you to follow me. I gain followers by pictures, and not by asking for them. One request, do not come into my ask box and simply say "follow me". Anybody who asks politely, i will look at your blog and i will always folllow you! If you want a promotion bad enough, just come to my ask box and ask, i don't bite! I may have a lot of followers, but i wouldn't mind helping other people out as well. Just don't flood me with messages! On that note though, i do have quite a few followers, and can help getting notes on any gossip girl picture. If you want your picture to get more notes, ask me to reblog and i will, anytime! I will be courteous to anybody on here! So enjoy your time on the upper east side! XOXO

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